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The crunch of crisp apples, the scent of fresh sharpened pencils, and the excitement of writing in a brand-new notebook with fresh, white pages—these sentiments all mark the start of a new school year.

Even if you’re not a student in the traditional sense, the fall always brings a chance for new beginnings and learning something new. As the air turns chillier in the Reno/Sparks area, Windy Moon offers a plethora of sewing and quilting classes for all grade levels. We welcome beginners who want to try something new as well as advanced learners who have sewn a thing or two.

The Best Way to Celebrate Fall  

On Saturday, September 23rd, the Windy Moon Quilts Sewing Center will be hosting a special Centennial Celebration and Sale to honor the Mary Lee Nichols School turning 100 years old.

Join Our Centennial Celebration

  • Historical Celebration and Cake at 2pm
  • Pick up your Fat Quarters, Yard Cuts, and Jelly Rolls
  • Drawing at 2pm to Win 100 Fat Quarters
  • Fat Quarters: Buy One for 100 Pennies!
  • Demonstrations, New Ideas, and Lots of Fun

The sale will take place during normal business hours 10am-5:30pm. The historical celebration will start at 2pm sharp. Don’t miss this event! We hope to see you there as we celebrate this beautiful historic building and have some fun along the way.

Nevada Trivia

Question: What is nickname given to the high wind gusts that blow in Northwestern Nevada?

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Answer: Washoe Zephyrs

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